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Decision theory in mathematics treatment of choice situations. There are three main problems in decision theory: 1) individual balancing of different demands on each other, 2) choice of strategy for achieving the preferred desire, 3) building consensus among several, each of which has different ønsker.Afvejningen may consist either in a priority for the wishes or balances the aspirations against each other, so they say how much of one kind having the same value as a certain quantity of another kind. The last case dealt with by means of a utility function whose independent variable is the quantity of each of the partial results wishes. Feature Value without interpretation, but is only used for comparison. The larger the value, the more useful. Conditions are given by various constraints such as a budget or a production, we can solve the problem resolution by maximizing utility under the given bibetingelser. It dealt with in most cases either by linear programming or by differential calculus, depending on whether the utility function is linear or not.

The choice of strategy determined by a comparison of returns from different strategies. These benefits usually depend on circumstances that you do not know. Has knowledge of their probability distribution, we are told that the decision taken during a certain risk. But you do not know the distribution, a decision in ignorance. In the first case one can choose the most likely, or if there is involved a utility function for the maximum expectation, ie. nyttefunktionens product of value and probability. In the second case will be for each resolution assign the value of the benefits you get in the worst case. Then select the strategy that is assigned the highest value. It is called max-min principle in game theory because it chooses the largest among the mindste.Endelig is the situation where each individual in a group has prioritized the presented options. You can then try to agree on a common resolution. A choice between two options can be determined by a simple majority vote, but should such a choice between three, there is a risk that each of the three has a majority against one of the others, but in the minority against the last.

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